Sketchfab should offer draco compressed GLTF files

It would be great if Sketchfab offered downloads that were compressed to be more game-friendly (especially for VR). For example, there is a “Beetlejuice” 3d model that is 125mb:

I took this model, compressed the meshes with draco compression (using gltf-pipeline), then compressed the texture files. The resulting gltf is only 5mb, and it looks pretty much the same when I load it.


You do need a reader that supports draco. Unity-GLTF (which is what you guys forked for the Sketchfab for Unity asset) doesn’t support draco. No one is even working on it!

I had to search many hours, until I finally found what seems to be a great GLTF loading that does support draco.

GLTF bills itself as “the JPEG of 3d”. It might turn out to be this, but it would help if everyone would get on board with the compression issue. Imagine if you couldn’t compress jpegs! They wouldn’t be nearly so useful :slight_smile:

Doesn’t that in itself already disqualify this as a feature we need to prioritize? Once it’s widely accepted, it makes sense.

Well perhaps, but if a company like Sketchfab embraces draco, this would help bring about the wide acceptance. As I mentioned, there is a reader that supports draco, so there’s no need to use UnityGLTF.