Sketchfab slow in loading models

I have noticed in the last week/week+ that models are now slow to load on Sketchfab. Previously when I went to a model, it was very quick to start loading the model and while waiting for it to load, I was able to scroll down and see the description and model information. Recently I have noticed a distinct slow down with the web browser saying “waiting for” in the status bar.

Has there been a change to the interface that would be causing this delayed loading now?

We’re not aware of any issues; which model URL is this, and which OS/browser do you use?


I am running on Windows 10 10.0.17763 Build 17763 with Chrome Version 88.0.4324.150 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This is happening with any models that I attempt to look at. There seems to be a 6-10 second lag before first opening a model and being able to scroll. Also the right hand thumbnails also seem to lag about that long before populating. Never had a lag before. Did an internet speed test and diagnostic and we are getting the same throughput that we have been getting over the last 6 months.



I just tested this on Windows and I can confirm this happens. I’ll pass it on to our web team, thanks for reporting!

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Thanks Bart!


Would it be possible to provide a chrome://gpu report ?
(the content of chrome://gpu webpage gives information about the reason some computer but not all are affected)



Thanks for looking into this. Using the chrome://gpu link you provided, I have pasted the report below.

If it helps to know, I have tried loading models in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and MS Edge and have not experienced the delays in loading. Also, I have not experienced the delays when accessing models which are embedded on webpages, even when using Chrome as the bowser.


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@danderson4 I think that if you reply by email, attachments aren’t posted on the forum. Could you email the report to please?


Just sent



Thanks Dave!

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Bug filled on chrome reports, they try to reproduce and investigate

(for now they have hard time reproducing it)

Wanted to provide a quick update. I have looked over the log on the ticket and based on the information in Comment 10 I did the following:

  1. Updated drivers for Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU to latest driver provided by Dell, the computer manufacturer. Version now installed is

  2. Updated NVIDIA drivers for the NVIDIA 1070 to latest driver from NVIDIA. Version now installed is 461.40

Attempted to run Chrome from command line with the parameters provided and received message “Google Chrome cannot read and write to its data directory”

After these attempts the SF interface still unresponsive for 10+seconds before model starts to load. Rechecked Edge and Firefox and responsiveness and model loading is nearly instantaneous.

Further information:
Computer is a Dell Alienware 17 R5 laptop.

As stated earlier, this machine has not had the problem until about a week before my original post date.

There is also a 12 second delay of unresponsiveness when attempting to change 3D Settings on a model. This delay includes none of the settings options on the left to load until after the delay.

Thank you again for all the help and your continued efforts to solve the issue.

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Hello again,
I have done some more “investigating” and in trying different scenarios have found the following:

First Scenario

  1. I open Chrome and go to in a tab
  2. Try some models and they are unresponsive as previously reported.
  3. Then open new tab in Chrome and navigate to a webpage with an embedded Sketchfab model such as this model loads on the webpage immediately and is responsive if clicked. I can manipulate the model very quickly. As quickly as before this problem started.
  4. Click this model to open it directly in Sketchfab and the model loads quickly and interface is nearly instantly responsive.
  5. open a new chrome tab and go to and open a model (any model) and interface is nearly instantly responsive.
  6. If I go back to my original Chrome tab where I first went to, any new models I attempt to open have the interface nearly instantly responsive.
  7. I can open new tabs and go to and the interface is nearly instantly responsive as it was before the problem started.
  8. Please note that if I do not manipulate the model on the webpage where it was embedded, but only look at the static image, this scenario of the interface becoming responsive does not work. I have to manipulate the model (rotate it) first before heading over to by clicking the icon or the model name link for this to work.
  9. close chrome and then reopen and go to and the problem is happening again.

Second Scenario

  1. Open Chrome and immediately go to a webpage with embedded model without first opening sketchfab in a tab.
  2. Model embedded on the page is instantly responsive.
  3. Click the SF icon or the model name to got to and the interface lags and is non-responsive for 10+seconds.

So, it appears to work as expected only if I first go to on a tab and leave that tab open and THEN “use” a sketchfab model embedded on a webpage and then use a link from that model to open a new tab in Then the new tab, the original tab, and any new tabs I open of perform as expected without the lag or unresponsiveness. This works as long as I keep the instance of chrome open. As soon as I close Chrome and then start a new instance, this doesn’t not work and unresponsive is happening again. I can also report that if I do scenario 1 in one instance of Chrome and then open another and another and another instance, all the instances of chrome perform as expected without a delayed response in the interface. If I close them all and start again the problem starts again.

I hope this may help you all in trying to identify the underlying problem

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Thanks for the very detailed report, will forward to google team!

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