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Sketchfab splits up my material

(Ndrakey) #1

noticed this a while ago when uploading Objs to Sketchfab. Doesnt seem to be a Problem with FBX.

scifi_props_07 by ndrakey on Sketchfab

Same Model here, but this one has no split materials. The same upload method was used.

scifi_props_06 by ndrakey on Sketchfab



Not sure I understand - both of those models are FBX (it's what the 3ds Max plugin uses)

Looking at the split materials vs 1 material, my only guess is that one had auto unwrap enabled?

(Ndrakey) #3

they both had autounwrap enabled. But you often see that effect appearing when you upload Objs with numerous materials that are not assigned to the model.


Hmm... @klaasnienhuis ?

(Klaasnienhuis) #5

I'm not sure what the question is.

(Ndrakey) #7

The question could be why sketchfab creates a material for each of the numerous maps that are created in your exporter :smile:

So to change the material in sketchfab you have to click on all the different "parts" of the model (because its split up with the different maps/materials assigned to it)

(Klaasnienhuis) #8

Ah, if I understand correctly you have a model with one material. When baking, this one material multiplies into more materials which actually have the same properties but each material gets a separate baked texture.

If this is the issue you're referring to, it's caused by the fact that the max texturesize I'm having the script bake is 2K. If the density setting is too high to fit the baked texture into 2K, it splits off part of the mesh and create another texture. This is documented here:

If overall consensus is that 2K is too low and that having 4K as a max texturesize is a good idea I can adjust that. But eventually there will be a limit to the size of the texture. Remember that your model might be displayed on phone with slow internet and little graphic power.

@james: do you have an opinion about this?

(Ndrakey) #9

I think Sketchfab has the function to view textures in high or low quality, So the smartphone thing shouldnt be an issue.
That Slow internet thing could be an issue though.


@klaasnienhuis - I think 4k is a good limit. (some more detailed thoughts here )

As @ndrakey says, we automatically generate multi-res power of 2 textures from 32x32 up to the original size, so if a mobile device doesn't have enough memory to render the full res, we fallback to a smaller texture.