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(Wm96 Ru) #1

Good afternoon !
Tell me why when I overlay the oak texture on the product, it is displayed as a simple brown color. I tried different settings and different textures anyway, the result is one. The texture is not selected.

(Stephomi) #2

Your model doesn't have any UVs (texture coordinates).

(Wm96 Ru) #3

Thank you ! But where to get them? or specify that they are present? I exported from SW, all the utilities that were here on the site!

(Stephomi) #4

If it's SolidWorks, you'll probably need to try solution 3 or 2 here :

(Wm96 Ru) #5

Good afternoon, thank you for your help. But I tried both methods 2 and 3, but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong ?

In the second way, the wrong model gets out, or errors 9, 13 and others!

With the third keyshot, export to obj and then download. all ok with the model! but the textures are also displayed in an even color :frowning:


I'm afraid that none of those solutions will handle textures correctly. You'll need to remap the textures in other software, such as Blender.

(Wm96 Ru) #7

Thank you ! But you can sort out the options to infinity! To whom to believe already and I do not know! People, like they do, have links to anyone in the description !!!
Such a large service! and you can not support such a steep program Solidworks :frowning: