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Sketchfab thumbnail doesn't display on facebook

(Proxectolouceirosdebamio) #1

Hi everyone,

Just uploaded this model ( I'm trying to share it on facebook but thumbnail doesn't look well

I've tried posting with short and long url, embed code, and refreshing share attachement on facebook but it doesn't work.

Can anybody help me?


(Proxectolouceirosdebamio) #2

Now is working fine! Thank you anyway


It's usually a cache issue on Facebook's end. You can use their debugger tool to fix it:

(Vibrantnebula) #4

This was a website wide issue that Facebook had yesterday that affected embeds from a bunch of websites. This occasionally happens and is usually fixed within a few hours. As long as you use the debugger tool your embeds should be set.

(Mixed3d) #5

Doesn't seem like they have fixed the cache' issue on facebooks side. I've tried refreshing and it shows up on all my devices (pc/mobile) with the blank thumbnail.


Refreshing Facebook's cache using their debug tool will only affect future posts of the same link, not existing links that fetched the wrong thumbnail.

(Mixed3d) #7

so what do I do to get existing links to fetch the correct thumbnail?

(Mixed3d) #8

nevermind, the debugger worked like a chagm. Thanks.