SketchFab to Unity

(Rolypolyshakeshake) #1

Hey i am totaly in love with my scene i have build with Sketsfab, but want to get it to unity exacly the same as in my scene

what unity assets do i need or general stuf to achieve that like my scene?

Kind Regards

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @rolypolyshakeshake,

I'm not a Unity expert so I can only give you a few hints.

Sketchfab materials are close to Unity materials. Here you are using Specular PBR workflow, so you can use Standard (Specular setup) unity material, knowing that Glossiness = Smoothness.
I don't know how to have Subsurface Scattering in Unity, but a quick search on Google should give you some hints :slight_smile:

For post processes, most of them can be added using camera effect. Settings may differ, but you should be able to get the same results.

You might also want to use the same HDRi environment in Unity. You can find it here: .
You will need to import the file, set it as skybox, create a skybox material and then use it in as Skybox material.

I think it's a good start :slight_smile: but keep in mind that Sketchfab and Unity engines are different so you might not get the exact same result.

(Rolypolyshakeshake) #3

thanks, came to leurn about the normal map aka height,bump stuf, and somewhat about PBR, no clue what it is yet, but havent came acros Specular, that particalur is a great help!

Kind Regards