Sketchfab too slow in maximized window

(Hard3d) #1

Hello, guys!

I love and respect Sketcfab. But I have question, why when I maximize 3d window sketchfab make too slow ~10fps even low-poly?

(Bart) #2

Sorry to hear that. Could you provide the following information to help us look in to this?

  • the URL of the model you're viewing
  • your browser and operating system
  • if possible, specifications on your video card


(Hard3d) #3

Model: I have troubles to render it and edit 3D parameters too(freezing).
But many of models have slow redering. This is not only one( This model I was upload from blenders sketcfab uploader.

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 34.0
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600gt (256mb)


It's a little heavy, and sluggish to load, but with 256MB vram you should be fine...hmm...

Do you see the same thing on other browsers?

(Hard3d) #5

I haven't try on another browsers, but I think to make test on Google Chrome. I will leave response here about test.

For example, my previous model:, -working just fine.

(Hard3d) #6

So I made test on Google Chrome, and it's faster. But models such:, freezing my browser (firefox and chrome). I closed all programs, run just browser with only one inset - and it's freeze! I read comments, and man who created that model looks like used some specific shader tool, maybe problem in that thing?


The textures alone on that model need ~340MiB of VRAM, which explains why it would freeze your browser. Switching the viewer to 'Shadeless' mode might help a little bit, but it still needs to load all the textures.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it's not possible for us to check your available memory and display lower resolution textures.

(Hard3d) #8

Got it, thanks. I hope you will develop level of detail system - it's important.

P.S, Same models with big textures (that on my hard drive) renders in real-time on my machine on the fly.


Yep, in the future we're planning to implement some kind of LOD or SD/HD system that users can set when viewing models.

(Alexanderesmith) #10


I just noticed this too. On my site, my small embed (280x280px) loads and is pretty speedy, but then maximized it's slow as heck (I assume because the rendered area is larger. Can we have an option to have the display emulate a smaller resolution? For example, I would maximize the viewer to 2160x1440, but then select 800x600 or something, and it would scale the 800x600 up to 2160x1440.

Yes? No? Maybe?

(Bart) #11

Hey Alexandre, could you share the link where you experience the slowness?

(Hard3d) #12

Check it out! There is much more performance with animation, particles, animated shaders:

(Stephomi) #13

The size of the textures is really important, it's usually the bottleneck.
Even in your example, (and with the highest quality (U)), their biggest texture seems to be 1k (or 1.5k)
The model that freezes your computer, contains 11 textures and 4 of them are 4k (and the others are 2k)! That's a lot !

On our side we are creating lower resolutions of the textures but right now we only limit the size of the textures for mobiles (limit to 512).
We try to be faithful to the original data and obviously some people won't be happy if we scale down their textures.
But we are probably going to add a "quality" option that might force the limit to 512 for example.

@alexanderesmith If/When we add this option, limiting the screen resolution would be a good idea indeed

Other performance caveats:
- postprocesses (especially the bloom) : (it depends a lot of the screen resolution though)
- number of polys : (under 500k it's usually not a problem)
- number of geometries/materials : merging geometries helps a lot (we can do that on our side but we are limited to a certain extent, as the artist should be able to edit the different material in our editor)

All these points can be (will be? smile ) somehow improved on our side (generate lower res mesh, delivering different scene structure in viewer/editor mode), but for now it's best if the model is already optimised from the get go.

(Alexanderesmith) #14

Hey, the models embeds I'm referring to are all up on . Specifically, I was testing the Gameboy embed. Even at full screen, my Surface rotates the model smooth as silk. My work laptop is not quite so spry stuck_out_tongue

Anywho, on my work laptop, while it's at embedded size, it's speedy, but maximized it's choppy and slow to respond.