Sketchfab Tutorials: What would you like to learn?

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Sketchfab is not only a great place to share and find inspiration, but for many community members it's also a great place to learn. By exploring models on the site, reading how top artists created their work in their Art Spotlights and of course by following our tutorials (which is by far the most popular category on our blog)!

I'd like to start a conversation with you on what you want to learn more about, to see how we can improve this further.

So for now, let's start with the subject matter:

  • Which topics and skills are you interested in? For example, game design, creating VR environments, sculpting, texturing - that kind of thing.
  • Which 3D tools are you interested in?
  • What level of tutorials do you need? Are you new in certain areas, or already a master?

If you have examples of websites or tutorials that have been very valuable to you, please share them here too and tell us why.


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(Catilaporte) #3

Oliver Villar on the ocean tutorials makes it obvious that working with blender is better than dreaming!
May by a tutorial with some practical project with motion tool would be useful, in some shared space.

(Bart) #4

Thanks for your feedback! Could you explain this a bit more please?

(Catilaporte) #5

First of all I do not fully understand either Luke
animation node nor Motion node and i would really like to see them in slower pace animation...

A Multi user world, a plane or
landcape ( growing as the number of users grows) is getting populated
with hills , trees, animals, what ever the user will upload as an
assignment using the node of the day provided by the instructor.

Practical examples:(do not hesitate telling me if they doen't make any sense)

1-populating the space with, trees, and others animated elements
2-triggering a storm where the trees wil start to bend ,break etc...roofs flying
(all the shape key going from 1.2 to 1.5)
3- bring a pack of rigged dogs, running after a ball - sleeping when
loosing it ( loosing speed) -stand again if something approaches him.etc...keeping adding new nodes *directing " the dog behaviour
4- an orchestra rehearsal.
5.creating sand dunes, revealing depending of their formation, objects buried under the sand...
My personal interest: animating different times of day and night as well as randomized events such as rain, storm,winds and lightning etc on lowplolyy texture-painted ocean shape-key animated, a world with its own life.

MagicaVoxel: what to learn?
(Catilaporte) #6

hello! A tutorial about best ways for managing multiple cameras in a large animated 360d. world, making it look endless would be great.
Using the camera while animating is very useful to localize some details etc...also for animating point of views and motion such as a guy galoping on a horse, shoulder camera, billboard tracking for clouds or rain etc...
Could nodes be used to manage the cameras?

(Zetheros) #7

There's the polycount wiki: it features numerous free tutorials about game art design, as well as additional links to free and paid tutorials.

(Sardacxis) #8

The tutorials, especially the basic one on blender have helped by break the "ice". Blender default layout scares me to death. I have experience in Rhino, Solidworks, Catia., but blender is ui overload. The voxels and blender tutorials are wonderful and well presented

(Catilaporte) #9

thanks for the link, I learned all I know in Blender with all the tutorials I have been able to find , and there is a fantastic lot of them! (and of course I am continuously learning some more)
Remember , I was just answering the "what would you like to learn" :confused:
After all the monthes sweating on Blender, I am now really at ease working with it and will never switch! (-editing-I just found a blender camera trolley rig which makes life much easier!)

I am wondering is there is something such as the Blender nodes and noodles in the others tools used by the sketchfab community?

(Sardacxis) #10

this is awesome. thanks for the info

(Elbriga) #11

lots of tools use nodes, especially for compositing (natron, nuke, fusion...), as for 3D per say, Substance designer uses them I think

(Catilaporte) #13

I would like to learn ( from elbriga) some tip and tricks on magica voxel!!!

(Bart) #14

I vote yes! :smile:

(Catilaporte) #15

would it be a good idea to start a group on " tips &tricks magica voxel" ?
Tip 1 (learned from Elbriga!)
- The less the better > start small

(Elbriga) #16

mmmh... Guess I'll have to think of some more tips and tricks now :wink: I actually have a few things I was thinking of :smile:

(Catilaporte) #17

wow! :cake: Lets start a brand new thread , where ? in "lounge" or "group"?

(Elbriga) #18

I think "groups" is relevant :smile: