Sketchfab Unity exporter's glTF file location

(Skyie) #1

I exported a whole scene from Unity with the Sketchfab Exporter, but I would need the created gltf file to be opened in another application. Where can I find the created glTF file? Is it created in a temporary folder somewhere on my computer before uploaded to Sketchfab? Or should I download my own model in gltf format somehow?
Here is the scene in question:
I tried the original Unity glTF exporter too, but I couldn’t export the whole scene as successfully as the Sketchfab Exporter does. Note that this scene only uses default shader and material colors only, and there are no skinned meshes and animations either.


You could (temporarily) set the model to be downloadable on Sketchfab to get the glTF?

(Skyie) #3

So that means I have to upload it to Sketchfab… well, if this is the only solution yet, I have to make some changes in the scenes, for example, convert Terrain game objects to mesh. My aim was to move a complete scene from Unity to UE4 so I don’t have to rebuild it again if I want my scene to be available for UE4 too. Anyways thank you for the asnwer!