Sketchfab uplad manager

since changes made to interface [and maybe deeper levels]
uploading+processing started to take ages
for FBX, it changed from almost instant upload, to more than 1 minute processing
[ of course it is only my subjective percepction of new interface ]

i don’t like “free upload token” system
there should be more tokens [3]
or unused tokens should be saved for later

if i have a choice - sell models or give for free
maybe you will start to - buy models or give pro for free


as you made some changes, i would like

  • numeric control of light position, rotation

  • wire material
    i just would like to upload a wire grid,
    simple wire 10x10 grid,
    220 edges
    with basic, standard thickness
    as one of objects in scene
    … and it is impossible
    there is only global wire option

how am i supposed to make Tron Light Cycle scene
if it is impossible to upload arena for that