Sketchfab Viewer can be controlled with an Xbox One Controller

(Simon Kratz) #1

Something I just noticed while playing a pc game with an Xbox One controller. The viewer reacted on what I did with the controller:
The right stick controlled the zoom while the left stick did the rotation.
Not sure if it's intended, just thought it's pretty cool and felt like sharing it with everyone blush

(Adeboye Grillo) #2

Great! I once complained to a friend about that without even trying it out. I didn't know that was already implemented on Skechfab.
Thank you for sharing that.

(Adeboye Grillo) #3

is there a way to customize the settings

(Simon Kratz) #4

Didn't try it, yet but its an interestimg question. Maybe a dev could explain how this works and what we can customize? smile

(Stephomi) #5

For now, there is no way to customize.
Sketchfab uses osgjs (open source) internally.

I guess the Xbox one controller is recognized through the gamepad API :

(Adeboye Grillo) #6

In that case, may be you could please help make some changes.

Looking side ways (left to right) is inverted. May be a fix can be done on that.

I also think the triggers would be good as a fine control for the zoom.

The D-Pad can be used for panning.

These changes could improve the walkthroughs and give it a first-person camera feel.

(Jupitersrx7) #7

I can really use this option if it was possible....