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(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #1

Hey I Am A Ordinary Sketchfab-er And A Graphics Enthusiastic, So i Though Of Some Improvments The Sketchfab Viewer Or Ediotor Can Use.

First Is Better Post Effects. Now Maybe Adding Natural Bloom ( Or Dirty Lens Effect) To The Bloom Would Be Great,It Should Also Be Allowed To Be Enabled Or Disabled At The Editor, Then You Guys Could Add SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occultion) Too,For Those Models Which Dont Have AO Mapping

Secend Is PLS Make The Viewer HUD Hide When The Camera Is Static,I Noticed That When You MOVE The Camera The HUD Hides,Not Static,So Guys PLS Fix it,It Is Very Hard For Me To Take Screenshots.

Also Maybe Add A Floor Which Reflects The Actuall Model,I Know This Cost Processing And Maybe Slower,That's Why To Make It Optional

Thats About It For Now