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Model URL:

Browser: My website viewer browser (chrome, IE, FireFox, Safari and ...)

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS and ....

Description of problem:
I recently use Sketchfab Viewer plugin on my site that designed by WordPress. I didn't share the 3d model link yet but, I open my page with some mobiles and PCs browser for test and see that some web browser can't open it and it need some plugin installation on browsers to show 3D Content. So I looking for a list of web browser plugin that can recommend to my website viewers and help them about see my 3d model on my website (

I look forward to your reply and I will be happy if receive an email or any alarm about replying...



Your link ( ) doesn't work for me :confused:

The Sketchfab viewer doesn't require any plugins. It only requires WebGL which is native in most modern browsers. See:

Can you please post a screenshot of what you see on the browser/device that doesn't work?

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It was a problem about my website that I fixed it James. The link that you share about WebGL was usefull and I understand that the problem was about IE9 web browser.

Now, would you please let me know if there is any way to install WebGL on the web browsers that didn't support WebGL and make it supportable?

I know most of my website veiwer don't like update their browser or install google chrome and maybe a small plugin fixed for them!!!


Not that I know of. I recommend not using old browsers because they are generally no longer supported and may have lots of performance and security issues.