Sketchfab VR in Android System Webview


(Keepfighting) #1


Im using Android System webview in my App. using it to provide Web based VR experience of my sketchfab items.
Below is the attachment of the issue faced. Normal Sketchfab view works fine, when switching to VR, two buttons appear “HOME” and “HELP” with a “X” close button. these buttons are not intractable. It works fine in Chrome.

I use Webview version 61.0.3163.98.

I want to know if the buttons are generated by Sketchfab or Android System Webview. I want to get rid of the buttons.

check the video output here.

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

Hello, those buttons are from sketchfab.
But they should not appear like this. Do you have any javascript error when loading the web site in vr mode in your webview?

(Keepfighting) #3

I don’t have access to the debug logs now. will update shortly with logs.

There is no visible errors on screen.