Sketchfab vs Three.js

What are the benefits of using Sketchfab over Three.js or similar JavaScript library? I want to be able to justify it to my client. Thanks!


Thanks for your interest. Here are some factors to consider.


  • Threejs is a public library versus Sketchfab who developed its own technology and controls whatever comes out, the features and hence the quality of rendering
  • PBR rendering is less refined in threejs
  • We have a strong editor (SSR, Ground Shadows, refraction). We developed our technology for 7 years and we’ve been pushing it to be the best
  • The assets we serve is different/optimized on Mobile versus Desktop, to make sure the player is as performant as it can be depending on the device (rendering + loading time)


  • We support more than 30 formats, we spent a lot of time partnering with the most common used 3d software to have the best worklow possible.
  • We have a strong viewer API which will allow you to evolve towards more interactivity easily
  • Native AR
  • Community of 3 million artists: content production needs + our bugs and features are tested by a lot of users