Sketchfab web GL failing on some android devices

(Gid Pdx) #1

I am having an issue getting ANY model to load from sketchfab on some earlier android devices. I'm constantly getting the web GL load error "rats" etc.

I know it's not the device or browser because I can load other webGL content (much heavier than the scene I'm testing) from things like playcanvas and marmoset viewer.

I can load more sketchfab scens on similarly equipped iOS devices too.

For instance, I have a single mesh, 167 faces and even it will not load on some android devices via sketchfab. What can be done to help this?

(Gid Pdx) #2

So same device, can use play canvas just fine, marmoset, but I can't even load a six sided cube, no textures, in sketchfab. Something is wrong for sure on the sketchfab side of things.


What specific Android devices and Android versions have you tried?

Can you please post a screenshot of this report from the Android device(s)?


(Gid Pdx) #4

Samsung S4 SGH-1337 running 4.4.4 tested in Opera, Opera mini, Chrome, and the Samsung browser.


I suspect it's related to Android 4. Are you able to upgrade to 6 or 7?


My test devices are somewhat limited, but I was able to load models correctly on different devices between Android 5.1 and 7, which represents about 50% of Android version distribution as of Dec 2016.