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Sketchfab without internet

(Thiyagu) #1

Dear Support

I cannot stop uploading and exploring my model in Sketchfab. It's like playing with smooth and ease. I would like to explore my model with and without internet connection. I mean like a local program that would support sketchfab application kinda exe file or 3d viewer application without relying on internet connection.

This would help me to view my model even in off line.

Hope u understand what i mean.



Hello! Thanks for your interest smile

At the moment we don't license the viewer technology for others to host or view offline. An offline viewer is something we might explore in the future, but it's not on the short-term roadmap.

Hope you continue to love Sketchfab online.

(Tom Goskar) #3

I've often loaded a Sketchfab model on my iPhone 6 Plus before heading somewhere rural where there is no signal and the model has remained in the browser so that I can show people (I'm an archaeologist - this is useful!). So if it's just one model, try caching it first.


@tomgoskar good workaround!

We also just implemented a "render on demand" feature. This means that if you're not manipulating the camera/model, it's not refreshing the render - much easier on your CPU and battery!

(Thiyagu) #5

That's right Tom. Good Idea.Thanks