Sketchfab WordPress plugin setting


(Maisam Fathi) #1

I want Change 3d environment color with shortcode or other ways in my site. I changed some setting in "3d setting" of my model and I can put a black environment but I need change it with other colors. Also I see black background in "" but it is not affected on my website ( I use WordPress 4.4.2. Thanks for any help about it. /Regards, Maisam



Soon, you'll be able to choose any solid color as the background of your model. This should be a better solution than your current black background from a 0 brightness environment.

It's not the same on your website because you added &transparent= to the iframe src. You should set it to &transparent=0 or get rid of the parameter completely. Currently you are hiding any background and using the color of your website instead.

(Maisam Fathi) #3

Hello dear James,
Thank you for your comments. I turned off transparent parameter on 3D Setting and change the background mode on color but, It work good on and didn't work on my website ( I can see the background color that I specify, only when the 3d model didn't load on page and when users click Play button and want to see it, It became white.



You still have transparent enabled in your iframe src. Just make it transparent=0 to fix it: