SketchfabAPIUtility update?

(Quadriceps) #1

We are using the Sketchfab API quite heavily, and experience some issues, for example with the command:

sketchfabAPIUtility.api.lookat( eye, target, [duration]);

The duration parameter does not seem to work anymore? its set to 9 seconds.. but its ignoring this and moving in about a second... it used to work perfectly before... (2 days ago or so...)
What could be the reason?

(Shaderbytes) #2

Sketchfab rolled out a new update two days ago that seemed to break things pertaining to the lookat function. see here as well :

I'm sure they are trying to get it fixed again as we speak :slight_smile:

(Rémy Bouquet) #3

Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed now.

(Quadriceps) #4

Thanks very much Remy,
its working correctly again...

Very quick support and fix.. but even though it scares me a bit... We are using and promoting sketchfab on commercially used product configuration sites..., and i dont like the idea that changes impact the stability of the solution.. The moveto position command is now correct again, but a customers is still having issues with the Save screenshot command, which used to work very well before... Maybe you should consider having a stepped approach in these updates, where there is a stable version and a more updated, testversion of the code. Also the communication of changes may need improvements, so we know what and when updates are planned. I have now spent quite some time trying to solve an issue, which turned out to be caused by updates on your side...where, if i would have known there was an update, it would be more obvious..

Please dont see this as critisism on your work. I love the platform and your good work.. and just want to help you guys move forward.

Hans de Kok
quadriceps products.

(Rémy Bouquet) #5

thanks for the feedback. We apologise again for the inconvenience.
We are very aware of this issue, and we are currently working on a more reliable versioning scheme for the API. Also we are actively working on our tests suite to avoid these kind of bugs to slip through the net when releasing.
I'm confident that the situation will improve.
Meanwhile, please report any issues, and be sure we'll react as fast as possible.

(Rémy Bouquet) #6

Speaking of which...
We'd need more intel on this:

Do you have crashes? or silent fail?

(Quadriceps) #7

The Save screenshot issue is solved, after updating the Sketchfabapiutility.js and the sketchfabapiviewer.js files.. we were saving them and refering to them locally...
Again here its an communication issue, we were not aware of the change..

Do you think its better to refer to your server for these libraries?

(Shaderbytes) #8

they post updates here in the forum , so there is communication in place. Of coarse they dont know about undiscovered bugs at that point, whatever slipped through QA. A public issue tracker would be nice :slight_smile: