Sketchfab's Badass Bosses

(Bart) #1

I've been seeing some pretty cool evil dudes on Sketchfab and thought it would be cool to collect some here. Feel free to add your own or your favorites here!

Update: also check out the sister topic, Evil Angels.

Holdeen's Max by Gilberto Magno on Sketchfab

Doric the Smith King by aaron.p.martin on Sketchfab

Character for Prototypster contest on by charly on Sketchfab

Tedy + Beast by dlconcepts on Sketchfab

(Heat3d) #3

Katarina by heat3d on Sketchfab

(Bart) #4

Awesome work @Heat3d!

(Cless Aurion) #5

Really cool bosses you have there @bartv !

Kassadin Fanart by Cless_Aurion on Sketchfab

(Chaitanyak) #6

I remember teddy, glad to see it here

(Atilla) #7

Nice work so far everyone.

Here's my guy ...

Spawn by Atilla on Sketchfab

(Reyknow) #8

just adding mine smile he's not really evil thou just misunderstood

Aquaman by reyknow on Sketchfab

this one, he's just a kid but he's been through a lot recently

Twisted Cupid by reyknow on Sketchfab

(Bart) #10

Heh nice! Seeing 'Twisted Cupid', gave me inspiration for a 'Horror models' thread here on the forum. Maybe you can start it? smile

(Reyknow) #11

that spawn is so badass, by the way howd you make the sparkly bits? looks really good smile

(Atilla) #12

Glad you like it reyknow.

The sparkly bits you can do under Scene>Camera Effects>Bloom.
I toned the intensity down to 1 FYI.

(Bart) #13

Here's more info on the Camera Effects options:

(mschanz) #15

An art Test for a job application I once did

SOLDIER bust by mschanz on Sketchfab

(Bart) #16

Nice! Did you get the job? smile

(Petaryankov) #17

Great collection so far! Take a look at my dude.

Lord Darius by petaryankov on Sketchfab

(mschanz) #18

thank you.
fortunately I did not get the job. My life went a probable better direction.

(Adrien Debos) #20

Nice work everyone! Here is my badass moustache! smile

El Braum Final by adrien.debos on Sketchfab

(Mrnunez) #21

An a BadAss Rat too!

Twitch "The plague Rat" by mrnunez on Sketchfab

(Sergi Ro) #22


Volibear by sergiro on Sketchfab

(Nikohard) #23

A little, happy, 20 foot cuteness:

Swordy by nikohard on Sketchfab

(Snowmannisseart) #24

My game's Protagonist looks pretty evil tho.

Uriel 5.3 by SnowmanNisseArt on Sketchfab