Sketchup 2015 Help

(Bearcreekproperties Net) #1

Does anyone know why my models are not uploading correctly? I am using the exporter straight from sketchup 2015. I have emailed support with no response... Check my page, the uploads are a blank space.


If you export and upload the file manually (e.g. OBJ, DAE, etc) does it work?

Can you tell me which settings you've tried with the exporter?

Are you able to send a sample SketchUp file to me?

Thanks. I'll do my best to help.


@bearcreekproperties_ - looks like things are working for you. I would recommend setting your Lighting to 'Shadeless' on this kind of model, which you can do from 3D Settings.

To anyone else having trouble in SketchUp, when in doubt, Unlock and Explode everything smile

(Bearcreekproperties Net) #4

Thanks. Here is a link to my page. Now this model is doing something else strange. Have you seen this before?

Caritas Master Plan by on Sketchfab


Hmm, I don't see anything strange. Could you post a screenshot?

(Cgartjs) #6

i tried the plugin RBZ , I was unable to see it in sketchup 8 pro , so i saved my mesh as a KMZ google file , uploads just fine . hope this helps