Sketchup model completely white

Hi all,

I’m new to Sketchfab, and loving it!

It has all been too easy, but suddenly my last few exports from Sketchup appear in Sketchfab completely white, however, coloured on the underside (where there is nothing to see!) I don’t think I’ve changed any settings, or moved my model, but I’ve been trying everything and can’t figure it out!

You can see it here:

Early export with no issue:
Last export:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



Hi Brenton,

sorry for the late reply! I checked your second model and for some reason it has only one material, called ‘collada visual scene group’. The first model has a long list of materials. Did you export it in exactly the same way?

Sketchfab currently supports a maximum of 100 unique materials. If we detect more than 100 materials during processing, they are merged together.

I highly recommend reading these two articles about uploading from SketchUp: