Sketchup models no longer displaying correctly

Hi. I’ve been using Sketchup and Sketchfab for about a year now, recreating childhood places for exploring in VR. And it’s all been going great… until about a month ago, when suddenly, for no apparent reason, ALL my Sketchup models started to export with major glitches…

Specifically, I’m seeing problems with the textures – they’re all flickering like crazy when I view them in Sketchfab, and smearing when I view them in VR. But I checked and there’s no z-fighting going on, or textures appearing on reversed (blue) faces, and everything looks fine in Sketchup.

Does anybody have any idea what is going on???

To help you diagnose, the glitches seem to only impact floors and walls; objects I create (like desks or chairs) usually appear just fine.

Also - and this is the strangest part - Sketchup models that used to look just fine in Sketchfab now suddenly have crazy glitches when I re-export them! The exact same files, exported the exact same way, but now suddenly with glitches… what is happening?

For reference, I’m currently using Sketchup Pro 2020, but this problem began with 2019. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, installing older versions, pretty much every combination of solutions I can think of. And nothing works!

In hopes that somebody might be able to help me, I’ve created a super simple model and exported it to Sketchfab… unfortunately, I’m unable to publish it (maybe because it’s so glitched out?) so hopefully you’ll be able to view it at this link:

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to offer some suggestions. This is driving me insane!


Hi, sketchup unfortunately duplicate all mesh instead of using double face rendering.
In each material, you need to switch to single face renderingimage


This worked! Thank you very much for your suggestion! REALLY appreciate it.


Hmm. We are supposed to do that automatically when we detect models coming from SketchUp…

Have you tried our Exporter plugin? SketchUp - Exporters - Sketchfab

I also highly recommend reading these two articles about uploading from SketchUp:

Hi James, I’ll definitely try those extensions in the future. What actually ended up solving this, though, was a simple free extension called Material Tools that includes an option to remove all backface materials. I guess Sketchfab doesn’t like when a face has textures on both sides…

Thanks for weighing in and offering even more suggestions!

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Nice, thanks for the tip!

Yes, SketchUp’s way of handling two-sided materials is a bit unusual.

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