SketchUp: Texture (from SketchFab) issue

(Patator2103) #1

Hi there!

I am struggling applying textures to a SketchUp model I imported (in .dae).

First, if I don´t apply any texture to the faces in Sketchup I can´t select these faces in Sketchfab. And once I apply random textures, I can select the faces in Sketchfab but the it either paint them black or don´t do anything. I managed once with the Sketchup texture Basic_tile1, for some reasons that I don´t understand it worked well with this one (but I can´t apply this texture to all the faces, if I do Sketchfab selects ALL these faces if I try to select one...).

Basically I have to apply different textures to all the faces in Sketchup, and for some reasons just he Basic_Tile1 allows Sketchfab to render the texture properly...

Any idea on how to fix this?