SketchUp Uploader Failing


(Tyson Gersh) #1

I have a model with a complex projected texture onto several hundred/thousand brick faces that I’ve been able to load into SketchFab using the SketchUp exporter before, but for some reason doesn’t work work me anymore. The upload just keeps failing no matter what I do.

I’ve tried exporting the model as an obj and dae file, but it either fails or the textures doesn’t work properly.

This is the model that I’ve been able to upload before:

This is an example of what happens when I try to upload it as either .dae or .obj:

And another .obj or .dae:

Here’s a google drive link containing several combinations of the exported files (i.e. obj, mtl, obj + mtl compressed, dae, texture folder, dae inside texture folder compressed, etc.):

I feel like the SketchUp-SketchFab uploader hasn’t been working well for me for a while and I don’t know why.