Skinning Exporting Error


(Phantom Fox) #1

I seem to be running into a problem,
I have these wires/tubes rigged to be skinned to helpers attached tto the main rig
(which usually works for me)
but for some reason I am ending up with the result below.
Iv been trying a fair few things to try overcome this but I think I am all out of ideas here…
Iv tested iit and the animation in unity and works and looks fine
The ends of the wires seem to have a mind of their own even though they should be skinned to a helper
(iv tried bones too and still get the same result)


Hmm, can you share the model link?

(Phantom Fox) #3

I don’t have a published model of the error, but iv narrowed the problem down to the helpers that the wires are skinned to been attached to anything that’s been controlled by the rig
maybe its something to do with float limits or wire parameters that I am using ect…
I cant narrow it down any further and iv tried different ideas to work around it but I think I have just resorted to keyframing the helpers to match the animation as best I can instead of attaching them to the rig itself, not ideal and not perfect,but at the moment it seems to be the only way to get it to work >___<


(I’m Staff so I can see Draft models). Found it, looks pretty good. Maybe someone with more 3ds Max experience can offer advice - @waleguene ?

(Phantom Fox) #5

Okay, So I discovered what went wrong >__<
everything is fine with the rig (which puts my mind at ease)
The problem and solution turned out to be a simple one…and I feel a bit silly now…

I forgot to export the helpers that were attached to the rig that controlled the wires/tubes



Glad you got it working :slight_smile: