SkyCastle - Finished


(Alok Aks50) #1

Hi, I'm Alok, and I am super excited to take part in this! so I am going to work my best of skills on this. Thanks for this opportunity. Since this is my very first contest in my life., i'm a feeling i'll get some knowledge and enjoy as well with community.
For now little confused with concept. but definitely i am going to make something to float. lets see what it might be... Hhmm.. a rock or a house, who knows, even a castle!!! :smile:

(Alok Aks50) #2

Started Working on Floating terrain :smile:
Finally got some time to build something . First, a rough terrain in low poly. then build some portal arch and some fancy Crystal. Thought of sharing :slight_smile:

(Bart) #3

That model hasn't been published yet - regular users won't be able to see it :slight_smile:

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Alok Aks50) #4

oops sorry! :smile: Published now.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Alok Aks50) #5

Done some Low-poly props!

Loving creating lowpoly models and flat style!!!

(Redmdlee) #6

I love the crystal, how did you get it to glow with out the light completely engulfing the polygons, I can't ssem to successfully do it xD

(Alok Aks50) #7

Thanks @redmdlee
For the Crystal i have used emission map for glow effect. and placed one blue color light inside Crystal for surrounding light effect and added little bloom effect in post production filters. :slight_smile:

(Redmdlee) #8

O I see, I've always relied just on emission map, I should have placed lights as well
Thanks for the info :smiley:

(Alok Aks50) #9

Any time for fellow artist! Good luck :slight_smile:

(Alok Aks50) #10

Always wanted to do griffin statue... finally did it in low poly :smile:
here is one of the prop statue for my scene.

(Alok Aks50) #11

Hear is my first building, tried little different. ( some kind of wizard tower :smile:)

Hope i can get some time to work on other models.

(Alok Aks50) #12

Today spent some time creating couple of assets :slight_smile:

Hope this matches :smile:

(Alok Aks50) #13

Update: i modeled some houses at-last :smile: but most of the time i kept playing with little characters placement. its so fun to play with those tiny tiny solders. other than that tried modeling main terrain base!

Hoping to get time to work on placement and planing to fill my scene ASAP! :slight_smile:

(Alok Aks50) #14

Updating after loooong weekend!! got some time to work on some buildings and trees. started merging all together in scene. hope it looks better :slight_smile:

Managing inside 50K is so hard if u plan to to big scene. Hope i can work it out in better way :smile:

(Feyfolken Km) #15


(Alok Aks50) #16

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Alok Aks50) #17

Here is today's progress. :slight_smile:

Tweaking Tweaking and keep Tweaking polys :smile:

(Alok Aks50) #18

Today's update., tavern modification and Stable with horse.

(Jonib49) #19

I like your assets a lot! They are looking great. Keep it up!

(Alok Aks50) #20

Completed Building and prop placement :slight_smile: