Slick Office Desk Pack

Hey there,
I sell this lowpoly asset pack for game engines and renderings.
I think it´s a good idea to have a forum post in case of dedicated questions and discussions.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Slick Office Desk [Game Ready] by Alex on Sketchfab

I would recommend to re-upload the mesh with FBX or other known format. *.dae has this strange way of breaking the mesh on the UVWs. Just try downloading your model and you will see what I am talking about.
Love your scene. Nice and low poly, just the way game engine love it :+1:


Thank you! I didn´t know that. Just experimented with different file formats to see what gives me the best results in the sketchfab viewer.
I´ll reupload the scene. Also, I relized the integrity check is still going for the scene…

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I reuploaded the scene. Took me nearly two hours… Apparently sketchfab likes to break and randomly delete textures :confused:

:scream: 2 hours? Something probably bugged out. My bigger scenes took less than a minute to upload.

Have you changed any of material names or anything changed in materials? Usually re-uploading doesn’t mess everything up.

When you break the geometry of the scene you can report the model, to the “Help Center”, and they usually fix it.

This usually happens by changing the format, Sketchfab uses (.gltf),
the change in format, and the way Sketchfab represents it, usually do some of these things:

  • Move some object a few millimeters …

  • Mess up some vertices …

  • Fix overlapping vertices …

    and all this sometimes and I say sometimes they do some weird things!
    My recommendation is that you get in touch with them if the geometry continues to give problems, maybe it will be the fastest solution!

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Thank you for your suggestions :wink: Actually the geometry is fine. When I reuploaded the model, sketchfab deleted some texture-sets entirely. Sometimes only the diffuse and roughness maps. Also some normal maps were heavily blurred or downscaled. After setting up the model and saving, single meshes were rendered in black so I had to reasign those textures again. It was nothing unfixable but reuploading and assigning each texture again multiple times eats up a lot of time :confused:

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Nothing man, don’t worry …
That happens to me, having to reassign textures, just when I change the name of some material, or … when I import from a program, for example: Unity, Substance … etc.

But otherwise using, Re-Upload, that way it goes on as usual.

Now I will tell you, if your texture maps are quite large, sketchfab will give compression to the textures, and will be visible outside the 3D editor, inside it is not usually appreciated.

You can also get in touch with the team, so they skip the compression of some specific textures :slight_smile:
to avoid artifacts, or squares in areas of metallic luster, which is where I appreciate it most.