Slow Performance on Galaxy Note 3

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Ok, I am having hard time optimizing my models. One of my model is around 15000 poly's. Which i brought down from 70000 poly's. Still it is dying on my cell phone Galaxy Note 3. Whats wrong ? I have changed from PBR to classic either but not working. I am even not using any textures in that specific model. The issue is not only with my cell phone but on others it is not working well too. Any Help ?

this is the model

mechpart_03 by creativesip on Sketchfab


Hmm. PBR/Classic shouldn't make a huge difference. I don't see any of the usual performance bottlenecks (big/many textures, high poly count, etc.)

An improvement I see at first glance is to merge the three steel parts into a single mesh/material, like you've done with the two copper parts.

Another marginal improvement could be to set every material to single-sided rendering (except the glass, probably).

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hmmm, true! let me try these suggestions. Will update here the results. Thanks very much for the help


Looks like you're already doing this: using the 'blurriest' environment (or no environment) will reduce load time, but it shouldn't affect performance once it's loaded.

Without the device to debug, I wouldn't know where its failing - loading all the resources or rendering.

Does it crash during load, or does the model appear and then it crashes?

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Hi James, Actually you were right. I have combined the mesh in one. And now the performance is perfect. But now in the sketchfab editor. I have lost the ability to apply separate materials on the parts such as metal or plastic. What shall i do now ?


Hmm, you'll need to only merge meshes that have the same material: a steel mesh, a copper mesh, a glass mesh, etc. Since they all had the same material/mesh, we merge them on Sketchfab too.