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Small handpainted wizard room


(Curlscurly) #1

Hey there! It's my first time posting on the sketchfab forum, so I hope it goes well! :smiley: A bti about myself: I'm a 3D Artist, who is still learning through my own projects. I've started using Blender about 2 years ago. I've been mainly focussing on Lowpoly models with various materials. Since last year, I've been learning more about handpainted textures. It's so much fun to do! After I made small scenes with handpainted objects, I've decided to start a bigger project. In this project, I am creating a wizardy/whimiscal room set up as a particular scene. This scene shows how the entrance of the room turned into a portal to another dimension!
Since I am about to apply for Game Arts at university very soon, I want to get this project finished soon as well. If i will have the time, I will add a Wizard mouse who lives in this small room as well (Which would be my first character I fully have to rig etc.)
But for now, I am focussing on the room!

So this is my progress so far. I will post a couple of progress shots and the stage I am at atm.
I am planning on uploading my finished piece on sketchfab!
I would be very happy if anyone could give me critique/opinions about my work or if you'd like to see what my room will look like soon, you are more than welcome to say hi!

(Tinyruin) #2

Oh hey! Yes please come to the Cologne Game Lab :smiley:
Maybe it would be a good idea to also post your WIP as sketchfab model, so people can take a closer look at it for feedback.
Looks cool, very atmospheric! The props already give a sense of lived-in-ness to the level.
I'm really curious how you'll light the level.
Hm, a minor point of criticism maybe. The drawing on the back of the wall looks from the screenshots like it's breaking with the style/level of detail of the rest of the world. Maybe you could also paint it digitally in the same manner than the rest of the assets.

(Curlscurly) #3

Hey there! Oh you're at Cologne Game Lab? That's awesome! (I was at the information event yesterday actually :slight_smile: ) I hope that I will get in this year (Since the amount of people applying is a bit intimidating, but I hope it goes well :smiley: )
Thanks a lot for your kind words and advice! I actually uploaded the WIP but didn't publish it yet, since I was testing stuff out. I will definitely share it on here then!
I am still experimenting with the light, since I want one light source coming out of the portal (similar to the render without textures and just the light source, but that was made within Blender). The lanterns will have Emission and Bloom on. But not sure yet, how to light up the rest.
And I agree with you, the painting was made in the early stages of the scene and I neglected it since then. I will definitely redo it/create different wall pieces. I wil actually make some frames maybe with paintings inside them. Thanks for pointing it out!

(Curlscurly) #4

I uploaded my current progress! Make sure to have a look :slight_smile: I am currently working on a crow model and a cage. (I've modelled it out but texturing it atm)

(Curlscurly) #5

Small update. Been working on my Crow, Cage and a little whimsical plant! (you might recognize it from somewhere :wink: )

I'm trying to wrap this up soon! Still got to add a barrel and some small stuff to the bookshelfs.

(Curlscurly) #6

Another (probably the last) update! I've been working on various assets recently. My favourite one so far are probably the crystals. I've also tried to fit as much as possible on my last texture sheet and I'm quite happy with it, since sometimes I tend to waste space on them, but I got better at it. I'm also working on an old fashioned oven as a heater of the room! This will be probably the last asset for this room I am making.

I've also found a good solution for the glow coming out of the portal. I've created an alpha texture in Photoshop that looks like a purple/blue glow and put it on a circular plane, that is extruded outwards. In sketchfab, I will set it to emission and with a bit of bloom, it will probably come out the way I've imagined it!

Below you can see the the glow texture.

(Curlscurly) #7

aaaand its finally finished! Make sure to check it out :slight_smile: