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Small question about mozilla hub and lighting

(Sawcisson) #1

I optimized my room to use the smallest quantity of textures i can do for optimization and drawcalls.
So i have used 1 textures for all walls , floors and ceilling . And due to that a light baking isn’t very practical for me.
I saw that in the mozilla HUB it self we can add point light , directional light etc…
I was wondering since Sketchfab can’t allow more than 3 lights maybe i could also make a version of my scene directly in the Mozilla HUB with additional lighting and share it along with my sketchfab scene.

Can i do it ? Would the judge also check my HUB version ?

Let me know

(Nebulousflynn) #2

You are welcome to create and share images of the hubs scene but it will not count towards judging - it is not in the rules.