Small Tower Scene


(Mrrik) #1

Hey everyone I want to use this thread to show my progress of my little diorama I'm going to make. In the image below you can see the concept I'm going to make in 3D. I'm making this for a mobile device so I'm going to keep the polycount as low as possible. In the image underneath you can see my current blockout. Later today I'm going to fix the proportions on the models so stay tuned!

(Mrrik) #2

So today I made the mesh ready for a fixed camera position. This means removing all the faces you wont be seeing from the camera angle you are using. In the image below you can see the faces I deleted for the scene this saves me alot of tris which I can later use in making effects to make the shot even cooler :)

here is a little comparison between my model and the reference

The red edges are going to be planes where the little decorations will be placed on with opacity maps.

Tommorow I will be starting unwrapping and texturing!

(Chaitanyak) #3

Looks so good!
Will be following the progress..
I had done something similar years ago while working on a website.. don't even have the files anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
Pics -

(Bart) #4

It looks fantastic Rik! Did you draw the concept art too?

(Mrrik) #5

Nope the concept is made by someone else. Don't know his name though :frowning:

(Bart) #6

Aah too bad!

(Mrrik) #7

Today I finished the modelling and the unwrapping. By using 3DCoat I can unwrap super fast because of the great UV tab they have (I might do a tutorial about this in the future :wink: ). In the image below you can see the previous version on the left and the unwrapped version on the right. Not much of a difference right? If you look closely you can see I left out a few models (also pointed by the arrows)

the reason I left those models out is because I'm going to copy the element from the unwrapped parts. For example the window in the small tower is basically the same as the front door. What I'm going to do is just copy paste the trim around the door and place it at the spot of the window! The same goes for the trees and rocks. I just made 1 Tree and copy and scale/rotate it around to fill up the scene a bit more, this is time and texture efficient because if you would import this in a game engine for example Unity. Then the engine only has to load the texture one time instead of an x amount of times. That's it for today! Tommorow I'm going to start texturing!

(Mrrik) #8

Forgot to make a post last night so 2 updates today! Yesterday I started Texturing the scene. Before I started the texturing I rendered out the Ambient Occlusion and a gradient map so I get a better idea of the placement of the props. After this I started out giving everything a simple flat color to give an idea of the color match with eachother. After that I just randomly start texturing everything. I don't really have a strict planning in this I just start on whatever I like. In the image below you can where I'm on going to continue today.

I'll make another post tonight to show the difference of what I did today :slight_smile:

(Terentiy) #9

This would be a good reference to use:

Keep it up.

(Mrrik) #10

Oh wow thanks for the link! @terentiy

(Mrrik) #11

So this is my Current progress:

Tommorow I'm going to do the little props and define the ground a bit more. Besides this I'm going to add the opacity maps (little decorations on the spikes, the water fading away, the trees seperate leaves, some carves in the roof, the spike wall on top of the house). After this I'm going to add some small effects like the smoke and make the background trees. These are going to be planes to keep the polycount low.

If you got Comments or Feedback please tell me!

(Mrrik) #12

Alright I'm done with this project! You can check out the result down below. The things I did to finalize this was texture the props, add emissive maps for the windows to let it glow a little, made the opacity maps and tweaked some textures to make it a bit better. This was a very fun piece to make and hopefully everyone likes it as much as I do :slight_smile:

(Chaitanyak) #13

looks spectacular!!!
and feels so light !!

(theStoff) #14

Has a very nice feel to it! You should add the other side of the building too. It might even be possible to just mirror over the geo and reuse the textures. Any points on how you achieved that radiant look? Are you using post effects?

(Mrrik) #15

what do you mean with radiant look? and thank you for the compliment :slight_smile:

(theStoff) #16

Just mean it has a strong glow to it :stuck_out_tongue: . Did you have bloom or radial lights?

(Mrrik) #17

aah, yea I used bloom post processing and also an emissive map to let the windows have the glow.

(theStoff) #18

Worked well. Thanks!