Smart 3D capture free

(Jfm3d) #1


I have been using Smart3DCapture, but unfortunately the software seems not to be working more.

I see that the free an basic versions is not supported anymore.

Does anyone have a similar application that can handle small details as good as Smart3Dcapture?

Thanks in adwance for any help.

(Bart) #2

I found this information, maybe you can extend your license?

(Jfm3d) #3

Hey Bart

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
Unfortunately I used the free version, and it seems that the license for the free version
is expired. I understand their messages on the link you send, that it is a year after they
have released the free version, and it seems that it has expired.

DonĀ“t know if there is matching software to buy for a resonable prize.

Thanks for the link anyhow smile

Best regards