Smit Panther ASD Tug (WIP)

(Axeonalias) #1

My First time posting here, and since this is where she will end up and since there is a WIP section on the forum I thought it suitable! Sorry for the long post, these are posts selected from the 26th of Jan!

Decided its been a few years since my last project, been wanting to do one of these since I first saw it!

Smit Panther is a ASD Tug 3213, She is 32.44m Long and 13.3m Wide.
She has 7268hp, 85 ton Bollard pull and a top speed of 14knots.

The Goal of this project will be game implementation ( Currently VSF ) and of course as a Sketchfab showpiece to join the rest. She will be modeled & Base Textured in Sketchup, UV Mapped & Baked in Blender, and final texturing will be done in Substance painter.

Engine is currently at 35600 Polys.

Just Completed the Aft Deck Crane, its a Heila knuckle boom crane type HLM 10-2S
Was modeled in the extendet position and folded as shown, was really nice folding all the parts when the models were ready!

Ive uploaded the 3d for viewing here:

Left in the rain for a few years :

Completed the Mampaey 100 ton Towing Hook, added abit more weathering in the standalone model for effect, when on the tug it will be in better shape :stuck_out_tongue:

The 3d can be viewed here :

Currently 66 Hours 05 Minutes in

(Axeonalias) #2

Completed the Bow Towing Winch, I really wanted to take my time on this ( it took 6 Hours to complete ) as its the main part on the tug, heres a look at the real one :

Will still be adding the tow rope itself as soon as I can find a acceptable method to make a low poly version of it.

Heres a Link to to the 3D:

Currently 73 Hours 27 Minutes in