Smit Panther ASD Tug (WIP)

My First time posting here, and since this is where she will end up and since there is a WIP section on the forum I thought it suitable! Sorry for the long post, these are posts selected from the 26th of Jan!

Decided its been a few years since my last project, been wanting to do one of these since I first saw it!

Smit Panther is a ASD Tug 3213, She is 32.44m Long and 13.3m Wide.
She has 7268hp, 85 ton Bollard pull and a top speed of 14knots.

The Goal of this project will be game implementation ( Currently VSF ) and of course as a Sketchfab showpiece to join the rest. She will be modeled & Base Textured in Sketchup, UV Mapped & Baked in Blender, and final texturing will be done in Substance painter.

Engine is currently at 35600 Polys.

Just Completed the Aft Deck Crane, its a Heila knuckle boom crane type HLM 10-2S
Was modeled in the extendet position and folded as shown, was really nice folding all the parts when the models were ready!

Ive uploaded the 3d for viewing here:

Left in the rain for a few years :

Completed the Mampaey 100 ton Towing Hook, added abit more weathering in the standalone model for effect, when on the tug it will be in better shape :stuck_out_tongue:

The 3d can be viewed here :

Currently 66 Hours 05 Minutes in

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Completed the Bow Towing Winch, I really wanted to take my time on this ( it took 6 Hours to complete ) as its the main part on the tug, heres a look at the real one :

Will still be adding the tow rope itself as soon as I can find a acceptable method to make a low poly version of it.

Heres a Link to to the 3D:

Currently 73 Hours 27 Minutes in

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My Guess is with the full interior Complete she will be around a million Polys, with probably around 10 4096x4096 Textures ( Each with 6 Different layers, AO, Normals , Rougness etc. )

Completed the Fire Monitors,I was dreading thes,e but they weren’t as bad as I thought, only took 4 hours.

Heres a Few Shots of the model where is is at the moment:

Currently 77 Hours 46 Minutes in

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Bridge frames, Starboard bridge entrance, maindeck windows, bell and bow hatches ad Stern deck port fittings arranged as they should be ( not mirrored ).

Railings, top deck fittings and mast coming soon!

Currently 89 Hours 04 Minutes in

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Alot has been changed over the years ive noticed, many things were added everywhere it seems, keeps this project challenging! Bridge Deck Railings took much longer than I thought, sprinklers and lights are there as well, you will see pretty big differences between the 2 sides of the bridge and that aft platform also was added later. Nearing the 100 Hour Mark!

Exterior will be done soon then I can get cracking on the interior!

Currently 98 Hours 32 Minutes in

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I thought this roof would take a hour or two and I could move on, well well Surprise! How much equipment can you cram into that tiny space! look no further!

The Top Deck is pretty much done, moving on to the mast next.

Currently 106 Hours 32 Minutes in

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The Exterior for the most part is complete, the text will probably be removed later and replaced with textures, the Poly count currently is at 438k

Currently 110 Hours 46 Minutes in

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Many Moons have passed, but she is finally complete!



OMG man… Hats off. Did you continue time logging since the previous post?

Thanks, yea I wish I did but things started falling apart when I started the interior, lack of reference left me demotivated, as a result the project was almost canned, think I bit off more than I could chew!

Wow, that’s an impressive level of detail, it looks great!

Well done for sticking with it :+1::nerd_face: :+1:

if that doesnt get stuffpick, i dont know what will. because thats an impressive amount of work