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Smooth preview model

(Rcouti20) #1

Hi there!
So I'm new here and just started using Sketchfab. I've uploaded a few models, but they're all relatively low-poly and so they're faceted when they're uploaded. Is there a way to smooth the model out? Something like smooth preview in Maya? I've been poking around but haven't found anything to help me out with that.


Maya - Model export w/ smooth


Different software has different names/features, but it comes down to vertex normals.

If your model has no vertex normals, or they are merged/welded, we will smooth at a 'crease angle' of 45°. If you have 'unwelded' vertices, you'll see every facet.

In Maya, I think you'll want to set Shading to Flat Shade All so you can see the effect of normals without Maya's native viewport smoothing. Then, find Mesh... → Set Normal Angle...

The angle you set here is the 'crease angle'. Edges with a smaller angle than that will be smoothed. So, 0 will be complete faceted, and 180 will smooth everything. Here are some examples straight out of Maya:

maya normal angle by James on Sketchfab

I hope that helps!

(Rcouti20) #3

Yes, that helps a lot! Thanks so much!

(Artoffai) #4

Not working for me somehow, neither in .obj or .fbx file. Just shows the unsmooth version.

It also says this:

'normals :
Geometry has some flipped normals; please check that the shading is correct'

Can you help me?


Are you also using Maya? Could you send me a link to the model on Sketchfab and maybe a sample maya file?

(Dark Minaz) #6

for maya you have to use 1 (that is the version you will export)
just hit smooth or like james mentioned use smooth vertex to give the illusion of smooth.

(Artoffai) #7

Thanks so much dark_minaz! Worked just like you said it.
Also thanks at james for taking a look at it!

(Caitlin Duffy) #8

As far as I know, Set Normal Angle... has changed to Mesh DisplaySoften/Harden Edges in Maya 2018. Posting for anyone using the newest software!



(Veronica Grifa ) #10

I uploaded my Maya file using the exporter, the smooth mode was on in Maya but in Sketchfab I see it in low-poly. How can I smooth it?


You’ll need to check the instructions above in this thread, or the Maya section of this help center article:

(Veronica Grifa ) #12

Hi, I did Mesh Display → Soften/Harden Edges - 180 angle, I can see an improvement but is not completely smooth.
This is me

(Dark Minaz) #13

i assume you mean the 3 mode in maya
to correctly export that go
Modify- Convert- smooth mesh preview to polygons - export that :slight_smile:

(Veronica Grifa ) #14

Yeeeeeeeeeees!!! Thanks :heart_eyes:

(Dark Minaz) #15

np :slight_smile:

also make sure to delete history, freeze transformations and center pivot in case something goes wrong with an upload for static models.,topicNumber=d0e8864


Thanks @dark_minaz ! If you have any recommendations to update let me know :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #17

uhm i just have 3 buttons in my custum shelf
the first on the left (next to ft) creates this poly soft edge tab to conrol the angle
the one next to it is to select an edge and make it soft
and the last one to make an edge hard

but the only thing id change is where it is

maya 2018 it’s under “modeling tab” - mesh display - soften/harden edges

@james :smiley:

(Veronica Grifa ) #18

Hi, maybe do you have an answer at why in my animation, even using the smooth mesh preview to polygons, I can’t see the 3 mode in Sketchfab?


Hmm… We always smooth morph animation geometry, but it doesn’t look like you’re using morphs here…

(Dark Minaz) #20

did you animate it and then pressed smooth mesh to poly
or mesh to poly and then animate it?

if it’s the first way that would break the animation.