Smuggler's Den [W.I.P.]


(Lorenzoderijcke) #1

Smuggler's Den

Hi I'm starting a new project, a small environment with a pirate theme

The working title for now is Smuggler's den.

the story behind the scene is that a band of pirates/smugglers have built their save haven were they stash and trade their goods(which are definitely not stolen).

I am aiming for the creation of the environment and maybe afterwards I will create the Pirate Smuggling Captain as well.

some of the assets will be re-used versions of work that I have previously made for my graduation project. only the models though, the textures will be made from scratch.

I am aiming for a hand painted art style.

Progress so far
this is what I have so far:

Smuggler's Den [W.I.P.] by TonedCube on Sketchfab

Cheers :smiley:

I will update you soon.

Ps. as early as it is feedback is always welcome.

Update 23/6

worked out the rough idea a bit more.

going for makeshift multiple leveled buildings ( which provide a lot of space but vertical since there is not much room to work with on a tiny island.)

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(Lorenzoderijcke) #2

Hi It's been a while I must admit but I've have been busy with adjusting to my new job,

but here is a update for the project.

I started blocking 1 of the main constructions of the den, a 2 story compound that will serve as a storage and bar, (this can change later on).

I also included some of the textures that were on the reused models. while they are not final and not as detailed that i 'm aiming for, it shows the original mindset of the models and buildings. and where the textures can be improved.

without further ado,

I hope I will make more progress now again and keep you updated.


(Lorenzoderijcke) #3

Working on the Project again.

Hi all,

after a busy summer i finally got around to work on my own projects again, so i decided to pick this up where I left off.

The main building.

I worked on fleshing out the 2 floor compound a bit more, this building will serve as a hq for the smugglers.

  • in the tower there will be a big clock,
    because even smugglers work on a tight schedule. :slight_smile:
  • the ground floor will serve as the wharehouse were all the goods will be stored.
  • the 1st floor will serve as a bar and gambling hole,
    smugglers love to spend their hard earned money as quick as possible.
  • more details coming soon.

here is a screenshot from the work I have so far.

As always feedback and suggestions are welcome,

more updates coming soon.

Cheers :smiley:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #4

Hi all short post,

new work is uploaded in the 3D viewer as well as some screenshots.

Improved the building and added it to the 3D scene

Cheers all :slight_smile:

Feedback is welcome.

(Bart) #5

Very nice, but better hurry up! The deadline is tonight :slight_smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #6

I'm not competing @bartv :o my own deadline is a bit further away haha,

(Bart) #7

Ah, true :slight_smile: I guess I'm a bit too focused on the contest today :slight_smile:

(Mgordeeva250) #8

This looks very beautiful! And I especially liked the story, I'm a big fan of pirates :slight_smile:

So good luck!

(Lorenzoderijcke) #9

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #10

Hi all,

Here is a snapshot of what I am currently working on, but I am struggling to find some good windows that would suit the style of the building, which is basically the building of a harbor master although set in a fantasy 18th century period.

Yes, the boxes on each side of the door are the placeholder windows :slight_smile:

Any suggestions ?.

I myself was thinking about something along the lines of these:

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #11

id go more with something along those lines, or the classical +
yours looks kinda like a way to barricaded winter hut.

most 18th buildings had very simple windows unless it was a brothel according to movie history :smiley:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #12

Thanks @dark_minaz for the response.
yeah that about the barricaded winter hut summons my thoughts up exactly :stuck_out_tongue: . thank you for the suggestion.

I will implement them later.

(Lorenzoderijcke) #13

Hi @dark_minaz, I went along with something like this for the windows.
The glass will be divided with a classical +

Cheers. :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #14

cool :wink: looks pretty nice so far. Nice to see it slowly getting more and more details ;D

(Lorenzoderijcke) #15

Thank you !

yeah it's getting along, hope to find a day or two this weekend to work on it more :slight_smile: I am enjoying it so far haha.

Stay tuned.

(Lorenzoderijcke) #16

I Uploaded the most recent model of the building to Sketchfab

Enjoy :slight_smile:

and here are some renders.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #17

Hi all been busy with looking into Rock surfaces to build my buildings on.

since the Den/hideout is built in a secluded cove, the supports of the buildings are built on the rocky shores of that cove.

I have been busy with some sculpting in mudbox and baking normals onto a low poly version of my rock base.

This is what I have come up with so far.

Note: the texture is a placeholder, which is a seamless plasterrock texture that i had lying around.

I think it's look okay but maybe I will need more geometry in my low poly version to emphasize the bulging parts more.

Low Poly version.

High Poly version

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #18

Hi all It's been a while.

I've found some time again to work on this, so here is a little update.

I hope that I can make some progress this time I would like to start texturing this :slight_smile:

Cheers :wink:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #19

So it begins... UV-ing and Texturing

NOTE: I am not happy with the roof on the upper level and am thinking of placing polygon tiles instead of a baked surface.

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lorenzoderijcke) #20

Hi all.
there are new textures uploaded to the 3D model

and here is an example of one the wooden plank textures.

Feedback is welcome as always :slight_smile: