🐍 Snake Isle - The Forgotten Artifact [Done]

(Alex) #1

I just have tried to use computer-assisted environment generation to make something in WoW style. It supposed to be an artificial night elven island (Snake Isle). Likely, it should be located inside or near coast of Suramar. Here is a picture (very dark to emphasize an emotional atmosphere and hide lack of details).

Now it is necessary to do lot of excavation, drilling, construction of stairs and bridges … to uncover and activate an ancient artifact, "Shield of Snake" or something like that:

(Ndrakey) #2

Wow! Looks like some kind of futuristic termite Nest!

(Alex) #3

@ndrakey Technically it was rather turmite nest, but it is huge :sunglasses: secret

(Michael Calvert) #4

Interesting, looking forward to seeing this develop.

(Alex) #5

@rawrsoft, thank you. Currently I'm trying to realize size of the island. I am not planning any characters, but it is necessary anyway for some details...

(Alex) #6

Initial draft - empty Snake Isle.

(Alex) #7

I decided, maybe island of night elves near Suramar should have different hue? Something like that:

UPDATE: Yet another try with texture (4 maps baked together), screenshot from uploaded draft in SketchFab viewer:

(Michael Calvert) #8

I feel like the egg needs to be bigger so there is more clearance around the object inside.

(Daniel Di) #9

Wow, looks very good. Fantastic!

(Alex) #10

@rawrsoft, I tried different sizes before and was not satisfied, but maybe you right. I considered also idea of animation of the "egg" (it is rather some shield, than solid construction), in a game model the size could be changed interactively, but there is no such opportunity in sketchfab yet.
@DanielDI, thank you!

(Alex) #11

Here is an example with changed "Snake Shield" shape:

(Michael Calvert) #12

I actually like that more if the rocks underneath look to support it.

(Alex) #13

Maybe it is not visible on the picture, but four rocks do support it, yet it looks less stable than previous version.

(Alex) #14

Yet another version

UPDATE: screenshot of last draft on sketchfab, but textures seem too heavy now, loading is rather slow


Love seeing this evolve. This definitely has a different vibe than a lot of the other submissions!

(Alex) #16

Thank you!

(Zachary Hixson) #17

Definitely getting a Coilfang Reservoir vibe from this.

(Alex) #18

@zhixson Quite possibly. A serpent style.

(Alex) #19

The draft model depicted above on sketchfab.

(Alex) #20

A try to estimate size of Snake Isle with an elf as a scale (yet I am not planning to include elves or other alive beings in final version).

Maybe the isle should be bigger?

UPDATE: A picture inside isle - not too much space for 6 feet (182 cm) tall elf.