Snapshot Save view feature not working correctly anymore :-/


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I no longer seem to have the snapshot button on the preview of my model :-/ The only place I have the button is when I go in to edit the 3d settings (which makes it hard to judge without the surrounding frame).

Also... The snapshot positioning seems to render differently in the initial 3d view than it does in the preview thumbnail

am i missing something? This feature used to work fine for me

thanks for any help!

Save view not working
(Panimala) #2

Yeah I have noticed it too. I really don't get it because the thumbnails I take from the 3D settings turn out completely wrong and it is just an unnecessary extra step. It's really a pain in the ass now...
Being able to quickly create a thumbnail from the preview page was smart and I have no clue why the feature was removed.


Hi guys,

Sorry about that! It was not a removed feature. It's a known bug and we're working on it.

As a workaround, you can add ?ui_snapshots=1 the the model URL to force the Save View button to appear.


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Oh! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

(Panimala) #6

I'm relieved! Thanks for letting us know.

(Fof Sedona) #7

I note that others had this problem in the past. After editing in 3D settings I would like to refine the orientation of each model in the main viewing area that the public sees. I find that trying to do this in the 3D settings area does not allow me to optimally orient and size the thumbnail or view. I normally use Chrome but have also tried using Explorer and Firefox. The save view button disappeared a little over a week ago and is nowhere to be found. Any thoughts on how I can get the save view button back or refine the size and orientation and size after doing edits in 3D settings.

Many thanks


@FOFSedona I moved your message to this existing thread :slight_smile:

We're working on it!