So, how are collections an improvement?

(Lordtrilobite) #1

So groups are not turned into collections. So you can add other people's work into collections. This doesn't solve the problem that there is no good way to organise your work neatly. groups/collections still can't be moved around or organised. Nor is it possible to customise within a collection.

If anything, in my opinion this is a step down. Because before, at least you knew that groups would contain the work on the one artist. Now it can be anything.

How am I to properly organise models that I made from scratch that could fit in my portfolio and separate those models from models that I made from photogrammetry scans? I can't because the collections are all jumbled together. Really, this needs to change.

(Shaderbytes) #2

While collections have the ability to add work from other artists you dont have to do so. You are in Control of the collections you create. Other users cannot add aything into your collection. Users can follow a specific collection.

A collection has a unique url so nothing is jumbled together as you mention. Here is one I started ( not for my own work although) but just to show :

I purposely made the above link not display as an embed here so you can rather go look at the page, as an embed it acts as a playlist.


(Hfenton) #3

It would be nice to be able to change the sorting/order in which models are displayed in collections (formerly folders), they now seem to ordered to oldest first -except my most recent model is actually the first sat next to my oldest. my preference would always be most recent first.

(Mauricesvay) #4

Thanks for your feedback @lordtrilobite !

We're only getting started with collections. With this update, we haven't focused on the way you manage and sort your own models, but we know this is something we need to improve. We're already working on improvements (like better search for your collections), and your feedback helps us a lot.

About the fact that you can add any model in your collections, we think it opens the door to new ways to discover great content, and for people who do not create content a way to be part of the community.
However, as you said, it can be confusing when visiting an artist profile. We'll see how we can improve that, but meanwhile I recommend you state that models are yours in the collection name (e.g. "My best sculpts" vs "Character inspiration").

(Electrocactus) #5

I really like the idea and simplicity of it. Easy to use and helps me to organize my likes.
Pretty awesome thing, that could be added: Likes. For example, I check out someones collection and press: like.
This way, people would be motivated, to make beautiful collections.

I don't know if it's a bug, but sometimes I cant remove more than 2 models from the collection. The delete button does not work.

Platform: MAC
Browser: Chrome

(Dark Minaz) #6

there is a current like system aka "subscribe" , but a more visual option for it like "x Followers for this Collection" would be nice.
I did follow a few and i get updates on them if there is a new one added, seems better than a like that i then forget about :smile:

(Mauricesvay) #7

@dark_minaz we'll display the number of subscribers on a collection. It's an interesting number of both people who see the collection and the person who took the time to create the collection!


@electrocactus - I couldn't reproduce that bug. Does the Console or Network tab of Developer Tools throw any error for you? What version of Chrome and OSX?

(Electrocactus) #9

OS X Yosemite
version: 10.10.2

And no, nothing. I will try it on my PC, win 7, when I will be home.

(Nomadking) #10

Noticed a slight bug with the email sent when someone subscribes to a collection - the subscriber's name is shown as a link, but links to my profile not theirs as you might expect. Slightly confusing :wink:


@nomadking thanks!

(Dark Minaz) #12

@james @bart

new bug? since i am 100% sure i don't have such a model.

(Bart) #13

Agreed. I have reported a similar issue.

(Mauricesvay) #14

@electrocactus @dark_minaz thanks for reporting, we'll investigate.

(Hfenton) #15

On a model view there is no definition between collections created by the model creater and collections created by others. I group my models into collections based on type of archaeological site or location, it isn't really helpful to have other users random collection dropped in the middle.

Would it be possible to exclude models from being added to other users collections or have to ability to remove your own models from collections of others? particulary where collections have inappropriate names in relationship to the subject matter of the model?

Could the maximum description length for collections (& models too) be increased beyond 1024 characters, maybe doubled?

(Bart) #16

Thanks @hfenton, I'll pass your suggestions on!

(Hfenton) #17

In collection decriptions urls are just formated as regular text, you don't see them until you hover the cursor over them.

(Bart) #18

Nice catch, I'll pass that on. Thanks!

(Lordtrilobite) #19

Several months later. And the collections still haven't improved at all.
It's really impossible to properly organise your own work. Inside a collection there is no way to order the models. What I really would like to see is a few buttons that can put the models in alphabethised, ascending or decending order. there's no way of doing that now. It's just a jumbled mess. And when viewing a model. If some random person adds the model to their collection, it's perfectly possible that this collection name shows up above your own. This only makes things more confusing. There is also no way to disallow models from being added to other collections. Just like the download option, there should be an option for this as well.

I really do not like the collections system as it is currently. The old folders system was much better and easier to find stuff with.

(Astro Logix) #20

I would like to sort my models in my collections, has this implemented yet?