So, how are collections an improvement?


Sorry, not yet but it is still something we want to add in the future.

(Gilles38) #22

Hi James, you can add a +1 for the possibility to sort/organize/add-new-model in a collection. Would be great !
Thank you

(Ladbw) #23

please, we need a possibilltiy to organise our collections! Not only by age or alphabetical or other automated sorting but by hand. In this way we would be able to organise the models in a kind of hierachy or kind of group them within a collection. For example I have a collection showing approx. 40 archaeological models of a world hertiage site an I want to group them inside showing first the new scans of the site, then the old laserscans and then the scans of the artefacts.
Thank you!

(Lordtrilobite) #24

Yeah it’s been two years and there have been no real improvements to organising models. I basically gave up on giving any more suggestions on this topic because it seems nothing is being done to improve this.

While many other additions to the model viewer are nice, this part of the site has been severely neglected and clearly isn’t a priority for the devs. It’s a shame really, this is the one big area the site is lacking in. And it’s not just collections that need improvements. There needs to be a better way to properly distinguish one’s own models from models someone has collected by other authors.

This thread left me pretty disappointed and kinda made me give up on the whole community forum to be honest.