🐺So much Corgi!🐺

(José Guilherme) #1

I was planning another idea for this when I face off this insane crazy mad evil diabolic Corgi!
He forced me to delete all my references and make doges for the rest of my life.
Can you see how mad Corgi is?

(concept by Su Alex - https://www.artstation.com/artist/datouxiaozuo)

(Theedstar1) #2

HOLY ...........! is that ...... is ..... is that just the concept art ? no ...... no way .......... insane dude you have got to make this awesome pup come to life wif those super intense jetpacks oh man i am going crazy out here holy holy holyyyyyyy!

(Bart) #3

Wooo, awesome concept! @rawrsoft will definitely enjoy this one :smile:

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(Michael Calvert) #4

Two of my favorite things. Corgi's and jetpacks.

(José Guilherme) #5

@THEEDSTAR1 hahaha you are funy, thanks!
Thanks you too @bartv .
@rawrsoft tell me how to not love?

Here is the first rough sketch, finding those proportions and cute face, it will be very nice if someone tell me what I can improve. I have to make justice of it.

(José Guilherme) #6


Still going on blocking

The legs looks little bigger right now and I scaled the rockets a bit more just feel more natural on the overall scale.
Any tips?

(Theedstar1) #7

NOOOOICE! this is coming along real good man

(José Guilherme) #8

@THEEDSTAR1 thanks!!!

Not super update but I was thinking about how the jetpack will fit on, can't tell right now.

(Theedstar1) #9

Backpack sems legit enough but who's gonna have time to look at that i mean if i saw a corgi in the sky on some super cool jet pack i wouldn't even ask where that corgi got it from ha ha ha ha kidding i would say option 2 seems like it would work out very well

(José Guilherme) #10

@THEEDSTAR1 hahaha! But dude he has a necktie a striped necktie, for sure he cares about his clothes style.

Here's today update


(Theedstar1) #11

HMMMMMMMMMMM yes yes this seems to be quite the problem we can't put his "swag" at stake hammy this is a tough one ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm sure you'll figure somefing out

(3rton) #12

Hm def my favorite so far P:

(José Guilherme) #13

@3rton awwww * blush * hi five :raising_hand:

(Ediediedi) #14

Ohh.. Really cute..
Hope to see that corgi will be as cute as the concept.. :smile:

(José Guilherme) #15

@ediediedi I hope so :sweat_smile:

(José Guilherme) #16

Hi everyone,
Dropping some colors today and moving on to do the lowpoly process. Need to put more love and on the rockets just noticed that now

What do you guys think about it?

(Paulchambers3d) #17

Looking really great! Can't wait for when the Corgi and jetpack join forces. What software are you using there? Zbrush?

(José Guilherme) #18

@paulchambers3d thank you very much! Yes Zbrush to make the hi-poly and now the low-poly and uvs are done! Ready to bake :pray:

I guess..

(José Guilherme) #19


(José Guilherme) #20

Texture map update :wolf: