So that's the end of Sketchfab for the true Hobbyists?

(Alanallday79) #1

So i’ve logged into Sketchfab today , as i have enjoyed doing for years, only to find a PRICE ON EVERYTHING!

So that’s the END of the true Sketchfab as i’ve known it. GREED finally got the better of the owners.
A crying shame for true modelers and the ART world in general

Now demoted to "Just another money grubbing comercial site like Hum3d

Goodbye Sketchfab, and a sincere thank You to all the true hobbyists who gave us so much until today.

“What should it profit a man , should he inherit the entire earth?”

(Dark Minaz) #2

it’s up to every user to set it private, free or sold. Pretty sure most models are still free of the downloadable areas

(Bart) #3

Hey @alanallday79!

It’s quite a change for us, too :slight_smile: However, if you look a little harder you’ll see that actually only little has changed - our basic plan is still free, you can still enjoy browsing over 1.5 million models for free, and we still have over 100,000 freely downloadable models available. Check the models in your ‘likes’ - almost all of them are still available for download for free.

So instead of seeing this as a negative change, I like to think of it as a positive one: we’re offering a group of professional artists a new opportunity to earn money and make a living through Sketchfab. Simply choose to ignore it and you’ll see that Sketchfab is still 99% the same as it always was - the best place for 3D artists to discover, share, and now also buy and sell their work!

(Pipann) #5

Let me tell you a story.

I’ve met a type of mindset much like yours plenty of times on the Steam Workshop forums, where people believe there is this silent rule that modelers will always provide the audience their content without ever so much as making a peep. It even happens commonly there for people to post topics requesting usable models of anything hip and happening, ripped or made from scratch if ripping is not possible, emphasizing “please I need it!”, and initially, never even stopping to think what the modeler might want in return for his service. Either that, or they offer a measly in-game item he has no use for. You won’t believe the amount of times someone has come to comment on my profile page or workshop to say “make this thing please”. There was even someone who asked me to make the entire cast of the show My Life as a Teenage Robot! No joke!

To rub additional salt into the wound, anything I published there was later indiscriminately ripped out of the engine it was solely intended for and then refashioned and distributed for Blender, C4D, or even made profit off, without my prior consent or knowledge.

So really, the best I can get out of your post if I wrap my mind around it is that you just want your goods to stay free for…whatever means you used them. For entertainment? Profit? Doesn’t matter. But you would still call us greedy. Hmm…

You would consider me a ‘true modeler’ by your logic, but I’m not. 3D modeling is indeed a hobby to me, but there is a very distinct difference between a hobby and professional job. If it’s not a professional career for me, then I’m not a (true) modeler. I’m an amateur at best, and like you say, a hobbyist. And that’s fine. But try not to mix the two up.

But I would hate to make unnecessary drama. Sketchfab hardly has changed and it has only begun. This place respects the modelers, and I mean it when I say I feel respected here. Modelers, true modelers, who may be low on cash, are now offered a means to get a little something back for what they create. This in turn helps keep them going. And I think that’s an amazing step forward. Remember, everyone here is a human with wants and needs. Don’t turn this into a ‘Steam Workshop’. That’s the last thing we would want.

I hope I’ve been able to provide a new perspective and shed some more light on the subject. There will still be models out there for free for you. That option won’t go away as far as I’m concerned.

(Bart) #6

One observation that I’d like to add here is that it’s ok for people to be confused/angry/scared when major changes happen. Change is scary, and it’s human nature to resist it. So don’t be too judgemental when such posts appear here - instead, showing the inaccuracies of the assumptions that were made will help people calm down.

It’s on us (the Sketchfab team + the Community) to keep Sketchfab a fantastic place, platform and community to be part of!

(Tomislavveg) #7

Understood :slight_smile:

(Alanallday79) #8

OOOEEERR? Did I touch a nerve or what? Hey, Good luck to all the “paying Fans” who "Commented Neg on here.

I,m neither sacare, confused or angry, Just disgusted how easily the “majority” are so brainwashed! Baaa, Baaa, Baaaa, (see Steam)

Now go click on that paypal!

Unsubscribed as of now so don’t waste your time

(Pipann) #9

Well, that’s disappointing. :confused:

I know you’re not listening, but I hope you’ll find it in yourself to look at things from our point of view one day. Free models are awesome, but they take tons of time and work to make. Especially if you want them made well!

(Iliedom) #10

I, in photogrammetry, used to have all my models for downloading, and still doing it, except those that belong to entities or museums (in which case, the sale option is usually well seen for them, use it or not) or those that I consider they require a special processed or by the characteristics of the real model itself.
I keep doing the same thing (maybe a filter button when the people are viewing the profiles with the free downloadable models would come in handy).
Even those that nowadays i put for sale are free a week or a month, for everyone who wants to. From what I see, it’s a well-received option that does not change the essence of Sketchfab, I have not seen the community going evereything for sale or anything like that. :slight_smile:

  • 94% of models on Sketchfab are not downloadable
  • 5.7% are free downloads
  • 0.3% are paid downloads

(Nomadking) #12

The idea that providing artists the option to charge for their models will somehow make “true modelers” decide to no longer give away things for free, is quite confusing.

(Pipann) #13

Especially when you consider the facts of this site. Those interested in selling here must first be approved to sell based on their quality and content of work. :wink: This also reinforces as proof on the statistics James showed off earlier how there’s less then a percentage of all models currently being sold. OP must have really been incredibly unlucky finding his page full of models with pricetags.

I must say, I find the statistics James provided to be mind-blowing. I would honestly have guessed a great many more people were probably fine with giving their work away for free. But now I see that a vast majority shares the same point of view as I do. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

(Dark Minaz) #14

For a large part of the internet everything is expected to be free, especially in the Mod/Fanart/Maps area where a lot of content was always free, nowadays a lot of that content gives people an option to get a bit of money for it, via gumroad/sketchfab store/patreon and many more sites.

Not even vloggers or twitch streamers get 0 nowadays, would be very odd to expect people who work 10 hours on a model should always give them for free

(Joel Whitton) #15

Sad statistcs as for me, would be better to have more free downloads

(Microcyb) #16

I actually am very happy about this change to buy directly from sketchfab to help support their site and the creators.

Hobbyists are not highly paid Hollywood professionals, they just like to create fun stuff and now have the option to make a profit doing so.

This gives incentive to make more awesome work.

alanallday79 Start making some stuff, it is fun!!

(Pipann) #17

If it’s not too much to ask, can you tell us why you think this? I won’t flame you, I’m just curious.

(Shaderbytes) #18

because everything must be free obviously duh. nobody should ever have to pay for anything period. All Labor, all objects and any food etc should be free. I work for free every month- my employer does not pay for my services and i dont pay for food and lodging either. There is no need to earn money in this world at all :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #19

what are the statistics for car dealerships giving away cars… how many free cars do they have…? NONE! If you want a car you have to pay for it. Does that make you sad as well. ?? I honestly wish there was even less free stuff in general so people dont become entitled and expect the same of all things and devalue the objects at the same time because they didnt have to pay for it.

you know what will happen when all objects lose their value? they will also lose their quality… you wont get quality good objects because there is no value attached to anything so it would be pointless spending more time on something when the reward is the same … nothing.

You know who suffers the most from that situation … everyone. It is good to trade and barter with other people to increase the quality of your own lifestyle and at the same time increase theirs.

Take your money out of your pocket , the money you worked for and pay for things , so that your life may become better and you will make the life of somebody else better as well.

A race to the bottom is never a good thing, you may feel like you are winning at the moment but realistically everyone including yourself is losing more and more the closer you get.

(Joel Whitton) #20

Not all must be free, I never said that. But total monetization of any aspects of life and in particular the subject under discussion discourages enthusiasts, hobbyists and just beginners who might be interested in the world of 3d

(Joel Whitton) #21

Of course, people deeply involved and spent quite a lot of time and effort creating 3D models, for example, deserve that their work can be appreciated in monetary terms. That’s all i wanted to say :slight_smile: