Software combo to use in the pipelince?

(Thechosenone) #1

From my watching of tutorials i have noticed a few combos of different software's artists use to create their projects/models.And i am unclear as to some of them actually do and which might be the "best".
i know that you should have 1 modeling package for your low poly making,maping and so on,a place where to do the high poly (sculpting) and a place to do the textures.
I know that you can do everything i mention on a modeling package,but nobody does that as 1 cant be the best for everything.

modeling packages
i am currently using Blender and i like it very much but for working in a gaming industry or anywhere else i will probably need to switch to max.
I understand what a modeling package does now and that it is essential as the most important work is done there.
Others i know are:maya,max,modo,and 3d coat? is 3d coat the same as the before mentioned? cause i am a bit confused with some of the software's mention in this post.

High poly modeling/sculpting.
I know that you can do that in most modeling packages but that its primarily done and probably only done in zbrush.
Recently i have seen that it can do more than just sculpt,that it has a retopo tool?

Texture work
Now this is the part that confuses me the most.
I want to be working with PBR textures and by having that in mind i found Substance painter,Quixel suite and Marmoset toolbag.I am a bit confused with all of them to be honest.Are all of them the same? cause thats what they seam like it,i was just getting to learn substance painter when i found Quixel suite and Marmoset toolbag and they seam much better as far more people are working with them.

Quixel suite seams really developed and really handy to work in with mentioned integration with PS,which is a software im guessing everybody needs to know to use.
Like the case with blender and max,having max to be much older helps a lot to get the software going and that it has more tutorials and more developed than the more recent ones.

On the tutorials i see artists use a combo of max/maya,zbrush,photoshop and Quixel/marmoset rarely substance.

Which brings me to my final and most important question:Which are the" best" software's to learn for texturing?
and possibly the best combo,if there is such.

For modeling packages i know what i must do,go and learn max and i wont have a problem,and for sculpting there is only one clear solution (zbrush) so i am only confused with the texturing part of the pipeline.

Hope someone can help me,and thanks in advance :smiley: