Software question

Hello. What is a good program for a high school student to use to make something to upload here? Blender?

basically any software can be used to make a good 3d artwork, it just depends on your artskills and how you use the tools you have.

Blender is my personal recommendation, because it is opensource, offers you an entire workstation on a silverplate ( from modeling to sculpting, shading and texturing), where others specialize in only one direction, and most importantly, it is free. It does have a very steep learning curve though, so you might want to start with something simpler if you got no experience at all.

MagicaVoxel is also free and opensource, but specializes in Voxelart. It has a very simple userinterface and is a great way to start with 3d artwork. Only thing thats got me confused in the beginning is the way the colorpalette works and the brushsystem, but i got into it very quick.

I also tried SculptGl once, which is an online 3dsculpt application. Good enough for 3dsculpting, simple ui, but requires access to internet, and i think there are better ones

I never used Zbrush, but from what I’ve seen is that this software is a godsend for sculpting, but it costs a bit.

So yeah, there are many 3d apps out there, from modeling to sculpting to texturing, free to pricey, etc. the choice is yours. As long as it fills your needs.