Software/workflow for fixing scanning errors in high quality


(Zurechtweiser) #1

Often there are parts in scans that are missing or badly textured/intrapolated.

Which free software/workflow shows promising results in quickly fixing those flaws?

(Nebulousflynn) #2

hey @zurechtweiser here are some thoughts:

  • best solution is to go back create a better capture, for example get good, in-focus photographs of the subject from every angle (if you are using photogrammetry)
  • for editing 3D meshes you might want to try meshmixer, meshlab or Blender - you can find tutorials with a quick web search
  • if you have the tech, you can even edit scans in VR using oculus Medium

If you can share some more details and an example 3D model I think that people will be able to give you even more useful advice