Solar System for Kids space capsule project

First time posting here… Thanks

I’m looking for help with a little animation……

Background: I am building a kids Space capsule for my granddaughters, it features a cockpit you sit in with lots of educational space related screens/games plus many buttons, flashing lights and sound effects (DFPlayer based) inside the capsule. This spaceship has three cut-out windows that look onto a 60” LCD TV.

The problem I have is finding suitable visuals to display on the LCD TV. I’m currently just looping some video clips. What I ideally would like is an animation that can be controlled via a joystick (currently have a Logitech Extreme Pro) as you travel around in space between planets and stars. PC based would be good but can deal with any platform.

I have started to learn UE4 and have made some mesh’s for a couple of planets. But for a one-off project the learning curve is a big task. I do not need anything that is “solar system correct” or in any way overcomplicated. No shooting or destroying anything…. And running in an open loop with enough content to make the visual interesting. Maybe something from SketchFab like Solar System - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by pinotoon [178d1de] - Sketchfab Store might work well??

I’ve included a photo of the rough template and visual concept I’m playing with….

I have looked at this little clip ”Space simulator for kids” by Elif Ozyildiz (Space simulator for kids - YouTube) is the sort of thing I’m hunting for (but with traveling around the planets only and no voice – just space music).

It occurred to me that someone might have something very close to my needs. Or something that could easily be modified to suit??

Happy to pay a nominal amount and happy for a more experienced Animator to own the animation! I’m just interested in something to use for this one-off job. Doesn’t seem to be anything out there that suits, apart for the more full on gaming market which are not suitable.

Any help appreciated!

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Hi CometBoy,

What a very sweet project! You should probably the community Discord server and post this in the jobs channel there - it gets a few more eyes on it than the forums: Sketchfab Community

With regards to the project itself, it sounds like what your after is an on-rails camera tour of the solar system, with the camera object moving around a looping fixed path but the camera itself able to free-look based on the joystick input (this might help when describing it to a potential developer). You’re also probably right to look at buying 3D assets that you’re happy with and keeping the development down to just the looping / camera system - it’ll be more cost effective :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone with some UE or unity experience, so hopefully you find someone who can help out!

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