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Solid Edge model and materials

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Hi all.

Just purchased the Pro version of Sketchfab. How do I get the materials from a Solid Edge model in to SF? I can only use the .stl filetype and when the model uploads, it just appears as a solid block, so I can't assign any materials. Is there a way around this?


(Waleguene) #2


The .stl file format can't handle materials, so you will always have only one material on Sketchfab that is the default one (added by us). If you want to apply materials to your object, I could suggest you to use softwares like Blender (it's free) and import your file. Then, you will be able to define and apply materials and re-export your model in another format that supports materials (such as OBJ or FBX).

I hope it helps :slight_smile:
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Looking at:

Another possibility would be exporting STP or IGS and using other CAD software to convert it. I think FreeCAD, for example, can export OBJ and VRML with basic colors.