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Solidwork and SketchUp file: can´t select 1 surface, just the full model

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Hi there!

Is there a way to upload a Solidworks file (with the surfaces recognized in sketchfab) without using the Solidworks export add-in?




There are few other possible workflows here:

You can also manually export and upload any of our supported formats:

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Thanks for your answer James!

I tried all these solutions but it doesn´t work for my model! The only one working is the exporter plugin, but I need to send my file to someone (is there any way to use this plugin to export the file on my hard disk?). I still can´t select any of the faces, I can only select the full body if I want to change the color/texture...

Is anybody having the same struggle?



Exporting VRML should be the same as the plugin, but you can also download the file from Sketchfab:

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Thanks James! Itworked by simply allowing the download option!

Now I have a new issue, when I apply the textures they don´t show up, just a color but not the picture that I want... I will have a look at the forum threads...


As far as I know, VRML doesn't have any UV mapping, so textures won't work correctly.

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So there is no way to add textures to a Solidworks file?


Not that I know of. The textures will need to be mapped in other software.

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I didn´t manage to get what I want even using Maya...

I am now doing it with sketchup, and I have the same issue, when I upload (using the exporter) my model, I can´t select 1 surface, it selects the full model! Any piece of advice?


Hmm. You'll need to have uniquely named materials. Here's a great SketchUp tutorial:

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Reviving this question because I'm having the same issue: none of my uploaded Solidworks file formats allow surfaces to be selected individually in Sketchfab. When I apply a texture, I can only apply it to the entire model....which is pretty useless.

I've tried 30-40 different import/export permutations within Solidworks (and their Visualize rendering software) that SHOULD allow individual surface selection within Sketchfab, but have had no luck. These include "Un-knitting" my .prt and .step models and exporting in Sketchfab compatible formats.

Any advice would be appreciated!

edited to add the following:

After a few days of ruminating why some .sldprt files allowed editing of individual parts while others didn't, James' post, above, suddenly made sense: Your parts must have unique appearances assigned to them, either in Solidworks or Visualize; they will then be individually editable in Sketchfab.


Hmm, sounds like you found a (partial?) solution?

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It appears to be a total solution, despite the fact that it was used for a SketcUp problem! The difficulty will be in remembering!

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Ha HA! NOW I get it!

-good one.