Solidworks - aimation export (FBX export)


(Mfim) #1

I'd like to export animations from solidworks. Is there a freeware extension or possibility inside Solidworks to export animations and opload it to sketchfab?


I did not know that SolidWorks has animations :confused:

(Mfim) #3

Yes! Solidworks is able to make animatios. There is a extention for solidworks called: SimLab FBX exporter for SolidWorks. On thier website is an tutorial about the Workflow from Solidworks to Sketchfab with thier software. Maby i have to use the chargeable version. And if you dont know a different way - i think there is no other way :slight_smile:

(Keithg) #4

We've had lots of issues getting SolidWorks obects into rendering and animation software. Our work around is long winded but gives almost flawless results.

We export our models from SW as STEP files.
I import these into FreeCAD and export as .objs
I import these into Blender, animate and upload the .blend file.

With a bit of practice I think you'll find Blenders animation tools much better that SWs. All free software too!