Solidworks to Sketchfab using Keyshot bridge

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Hi Sketchfab members,
My name is Lam Phung. Thank for your attention to my model "Sphere Toy".
The Sketchfab exporter somehow doesn't work on my computer and I got many problems with the Solidworks importer of 3ds max. So I used Keyshot bridge to get it done.
Here is my workflow to export a model from Solidworks to Sketchfab, using Keyshot bridge. It may not the best way but it works smoothly for me. If anyone has a better method, please share. Thank you.

Here we go.
Step 0 - Model in Solidworks
Let's skip this.

Step 1 - Turn on keyshot plugin
You can download Keyshot bridge for Solidworks here:
The plugin is free.
After install, I turn on the plugin here:

Step 2 - Export model to Keyshot
Press render to keyshot.

From keyshot, I export the model to obj file, then import it to Maya.
I don't import to 3ds Max because of some confusing errors.
Note: If you have already set color in Solidworks or Keyshot, skip step 3. The obj file is fine to upload. Making UV map is the most important reason that I imported obj file to Maya.

Step 3 - Set color
In Maya, I set color to meshes before export to Sketchfab. "Seperate" meshes if necessary.
If I don't set color, the model on Sketchfab will have only one mesh.

Step 4 - Upload to Sketchfab
From Maya, I export the model to fbx, with 'Embed media", then upload to Sketchfab.
In 3D settings of Sketchfab, the meshes are seperated based on the color I have set in Maya.

Step 5 - Set material
I didn't make UV map and Texture in step 3, so I just use basic color. That's enough to this model.

And here is my final model on Sketchfab:

Obot by Un Fou on Sketchfab

Hope you find my tutorial helpful.
Thank you.

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Hi everyone,
I've just found out that my Solidworks version is 2015, that's why the Sketchfab exporter didn't work.

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Super impressed by the result, well done!